Vagabond Solusi Indonesia

Vagabond Solusi Indonesia is a creative business solutions provider, operating to international standards, utilizing personnel with experience on all seven continents.


Jessy Chandra (CEO)

Jessy is a Bali born, part Timorese businesswoman on a mission to become one of Indonesia’s top entrepreneurs.

Jessy took over a failing family business at sixteen and within four years had turned it around, directed it into profit, paid off its debts and expanded its product range and customer base before divesting it to set up Vagabond Solusi and her own fashion label.

Mike McDougall (Creative Director)

Is an award winning writer and film director, UK TV producer, commercially licensed helicopter pilot and seasoned project consultant who’s worked in Europe, Africa, Middle East, North America and Asia.

Thomas Richardson (Media Services Director)

Thomas Richardson, winner of 2021 Peabody Award, is a seasoned Documentary DOP and Cameraman with extensive knowledge in both production and technology alike. With thirteen years’ experience (Eleven of which have been dedicated to working freelance in the Middle East) He has built a portfolio with a wealth of varied content.

Tom Richardson Production Website - Director/Cameraman/Editor

Rob McDonald (Producer, Presenter)

Rob was for many years a main board member of a FTSE100 listed company, during which time he was responsible for all company activities in Asia and Africa. This included founding the company’s subsidiary in Indonesia in 1999. Subsequently Rob was Investment Director for a $3b AUM Private Equity partnership in Hong Kong. This partnership made numerous investments in Indonesia under Rob’s guidance.

Peter Richweisz (Creative Director, Thailand)

Hungarian born cinematographer, creative director Peter Richweisz, graduated from ELTE University in Budapest then worked as a photographer in London before setting up Dubai based, Desert Fish Photography, a boutique production studio, specializing in  a full turnkey approach to visual branding. His fashion films won awards at the International Fashion Film Award (2014, Alchemy, Best fashion Category in Hollywood, 2018 D(r)own by Birth for best sound design in San Diego), 
In the last 5 years he dedicated most of his time to motion picture projects mostly as a director and cinematographer. His clients include: Mall of the Emirates, L’Oreal.. Vogue, Lux, Splash, Berger, Porsche, Hungarian Cultural Ministry Gucci, Sony PSP, Bugatti, Damas, Emaar, Mercedes just to name a few. He currently lives in Thailand in Phuket and Bangkok.

Short Films



Tom Richardson

“I have worked with Mike for many years now, from Aerogulf films to Dubai Petroleum. We have experienced some great projects together.

I have very much enjoyed working with Mike as he has a keen eye for detail and brilliant planning skills, he also has fantastic creative flare and input

to anything I am a part of or need help with. He is also amazing at listening and actioning any requirements from DOP’s. The projects we have worked on have always come out amazingly due to the fact,

Mike was able too envisage and plan in detail beforehand, including time to take advantage of those special unforeseen moments that occur and offer a little bit of extra magic.

I am very much looking forward to working on his future projects, such as, the Bar tv series and their his feature film as the story lines are so strong and emotional.

Plus I enjoy being asked to contribute to each stage of the creative process.”

Celine Abrahams

“I worked with Mike on….. The short ‘That Loving Feeling’ at the National Film & TV School

He’s really good at….. Being very clear with what he wants action wise but Mike also creates a safe and open space to get creative and be free as an actor. A great mix!

The film came out so well because…. Mike really knew what he wanted there was no faffing around, everything was very clear and economic. I think that comes across in the film, it’s so slick.

I’d like to work with him again in the future because…. It was a really great experience beginning to end- who wouldn’t want to work with him again! Also what Mike created with no budget and no time was so brilliant I can only imagine what he can do on a larger project.”

Peter Richweisz

“I really enjoyed working with Mike on the multiple award winner festival short called Bottom Turn. it was our first collaboration. I was immensely impressed how he was coaching first time actors actress into their characters and well beyond. We had great team spirit and inspiring creative atmosphere from start to finish of the project. Mike allowed me to bring in ideas to the shots and listened for my advice for location selections and blockings. I felt great respect from him toward every crew member and actors, and that helped everyone to make their best creative decisions. You feel kind of empowered when you work with Mike. He has a clear idea where he want to take the story and full expertise on how to achieve that. Production of Bottom Turn was spot on and well designed. Since then, i got a tremendous support from him, our professional relationship stayed on and his critical eye and creative advice kept helping me on the feature film projects we are currently working on, and I am flattered by all the support he dedicates to them.”


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